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    Aurum White Wine
    The white wine brand from Nashik Valley name is AURUM, which is made from 100% Chenin Blank. The meaning of Aurum is miracles extracts from the rocks and converted into the gold. The colour of the wine is Yellow Golden finish and look like a gold if poured in the wine glass.

    The lingering aromas and flavors of this thrilling white wine owe its character to finest Chenin Blanc, Cultivate and Harvested in Nashik Valley, India’s most Fertile wine grape growing region. Hints of guava, honey and light floral tints excite and lemon green shades of this fine wine are pleasing attributes for the senses.
    Testing Note :
    Chenin Blanc tastes of honey, guava and has a dash of floral fruitiness. On palate the taste lingers. It can be either Dry white or sparkling wine. Its pale yellow with shades of Golden in hue. Goes well and seafood.
    Food Pairing Best serving temp Alcohol Harvest Bricks
    This elegant wine goes well with fish, chicken, and Pan-Asian cuisine. Don't let that stop you from finding your own pairings. At 6-9deg. C 13 % v/v 23
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